Sunday, March 17, 2013


The best parts of my day.
It has been a very long time since I have posted BUT I have decided that I will do better. Life gets very busy being a mommy. As I am sure many of you know. Parenthood has been such an adventure, so hard, but yet so worth it. It is honestly crazy, how much you love your own kids. It is a love unlike any other. Our sweet baby Claire is now 2, and I am pregnant with our second baby girl! I feel like I could pop at any time now! I know going from one child to two is going to be quite the adjustment, I hope I can handle it! it has to be a whole new adventure, going from one to two. Yes, I've had a newborn once before so I should know what I am doing this time, right? If that's the case then why do I feel like a scared new parent all over again!? Sometimes, I wish there was a map, a map on parenting. Telling me just what to expect and how to handle each step of the way. But, I strongly believe that parenting is one of the few things you just cant be prepared for. Every child is different, every parent is different. There is NO 100% right answer or way to do things, because each experience is so different. The thing we can always count on, that will never be wrong, is our love for our children. We definitely make mistakes, we also have some major successes. Through it all as long as we let our love for our children be the thing that guides us the most, we cant go wrong. We will be successful parents. Now, don't get my wrong. our love for our children might have us making some really touch decisions that could make them hate us at times. But it will also make us know whats best for them even when they don't. I know this for a fact because of the experiences I have had with my own parents. There were many times during my childhood that they would step in and tell me that I couldn't do something, or couldn't have something, or couldn't hang out with someone, or go somewhere, and at that time I was devastated. It was such a big deal to me at the time, and it felt like the end of my world. But I look back on those moments now and I am so thankful to my parents. I see something now, that I couldn't see then, they were always just looking out of me. They always loved me so much that they were willing to make tough decisions for me in order to keep me safe. Yes, children do need to learn from there own mistakes, but sometimes they cant even see that they are making one. The need us to help guide them along the way. And yes, along the way that might put strain on our relationships with them, but in the end they will love us even more for how much we have loved them. I am not a parenting expert, nor will I ever claim to be. I am just a mom, who loves parenthood and hope that some of my experiences will help other mom's out there. As I am sure your feedback will help me.

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